The Anaesthesiology unit is responsible for sedation, general anaesthesia and pain therapy through the application of advanced analgesic techniques, including locoregional. The unit's services are intended for companion, farm and unconventional animals, also in critical conditions.

The unit's services start with the animal's preoperative clinical examination and continue throughout the intraoperative phase, up to the recovery room; cooperation with pet owners is essential throughout the entire process. The unit also offers assistance to ensure pets have comfort and dignity in their final moments.

The unit's staff is composed as follows:

  • Prof. Giulia Maria De Beneditcits (Head of Unit)
  • Dr. Luca Bellini
  • Dr. Massimo Bucci
  • Dr. Martina Cardinali
  • Dr. Alessia Franzoso

Opening hours 
Anaesthesiology services are available during the VTH's opening hours or prior appointment - Monday to Friday, 08.30 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Setting up an appointment
To set up an appointment, please call the hospital's reception desk at +39 049 827 2608. The receptionist will get you in contact with the veterinarian responsible for the service.

All VTH activities are particularly relevant for veterinary teaching. In this regard, it shall be noted that fourth- and fifth-year students of the single cycle degree course in veterinary medicine may be present as teachers and other veterinarians perform clinical activities.