Animal reproduction

The Animal reproduction unit deals with companion, conventional and unconventional animals. Services are available to pet owners, VTH's veterinarians and self-employed veterinary professionals who seek a second opinion.

The unit's activities concern the animal's reproductive life (from beginning to end), with particular attention to the following: gynaecology, female reproductive pathology and artificial insemination, obstetrics and neonatology, andrology and male reproductive pathology.
Furthermore, the unit is responsible for investigating and identifying reproductive techniques and determining hormone concentration, thanks to the collaboration with the Diagnostic laboratory.

Services are available to patients admitted to the VTH (24/7) or by prior appointment.

The unit's staff is composed as follows:

  • Prof. Antonio Mollo (Head of Unit)
  • Prof. Stefano Romagnoli
  • Dr. Chiara Milani
  • Dr. Magdalena Schrank
  • Dr. Giulia Siena
  • Dr. Giulia Contato

Setting up an appointment
To book an appointment, please call the hospital's reception desk at +39 049 827 2608.

Opening hours
Animal reproduction services are available Monday through Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

All VTH activities are particularly relevant for veterinary teaching. In this regard, it shall be noted that fourth- and fifth-year students of the single cycle degree course in veterinary medicine may be present as teachers and other veterinarians perform clinical activities.