OVUD: Animal owners

Among the services offered to animal owners are the 24/7 emergency care, the clinics, the laboratories, the operating theatres, hospitalisation services, etc.

Regardless of whether you have booked a specialised consultation or have an emergency, here are five things you must do upon your arrival at OVUD:

  1. Report immediately to the reception desk. One of our staff members will ask you to fill out the Self-certification form with both your personal details and the animal’s information. This will allow us to register the information provided in our database. During evening time and public holidays, the form will be provided by one of the veterinarians on duty.
  2. In addition to the Self-certification form, as per EU Regulation No. 2016/679, consent should be given with regard to the processing of personal data. You will be provided with the relevant documentation upon registration.
  3. After stabilising your pet’s conditions (or upon admission, where necessary), either a veterinary specialist or the veterinarian responsible for emergency care will examine your pet. You will be advised by the clinician of costs that will be incurred before service is provided.
  4. If the quotation has been approved and signed, payment is expected upon completion of the visit. Please make your payment at the reception desk. A receipt will be issued on payment.
  5. A billing statement for services rendered will be sent via post or e-mail.

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