OVUD: The students

Among OVUD’s tasks is the provision of a practical traineeship (hereinafter called ‘Tirocinio’) for all students enrolled in the Single Cycle Degree Course in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Padova.

The performance of Tirocinio is of the utmost importance for the development and training of the so-called day one competences. The hospital offers specific, different programmes, based on the educational path chosen.

Fourth- and fifth-year students are expected to carry out their Tirocinio in clinical subjects. Furthermore, starting from fourth year, students may intern with OVUD on a voluntary basis. Grduates may also take part in Residency Programmes, which are specialised EBVS training programmes provided for at the European level (European Board of Veterinary Specialisation).

  Students enrolled in the Single Cycle Degree Course in Veterinary Medicine

Students enrolled in the Single Cycle Degree Course in Veterinary Medicine are expected to carry out hands-on activities throughout their last two years of studies. Out of 875 Tirocinio hours, 514 are to be carried out within the OVUD, proving the importance of such an educational path.

In order for students to carry out the Tirocinio, they shall:

  • Undergo a medical examination to check their overall health prior to commencing the Tirocinio activities.
  • Provide the certification confirming they have received the necessary General Safety Training. This document constitutes evidence of the successful completion of the General Safety Training course.
  • Sign the confidentiality agreement.
  • Return the Training Agreement form signed in all its parts.

For further information concerning Tirocinio, please visit the website of the School of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (link). https://www.agrariamedicinaveterinaria.unipd.it/

  Student interning with OVUD on a voluntary basis

Starting from fourth year, students may decide to intern with OVUD on a voluntary basis. The minimum duration of the internship is one year. This internship allows students to pursue diagnosis and hands-on activities. Throughout the entire duration of the internship, students will not only be involved in the management of hospitalised animals and performance of clinical evaluations, but will also have the opportunity to attend diagnostic and surgical procedures. All of the above-mentioned activities will take place under the supervision of veterinarians.

Students who wish to intern with OVUD must submit an application form to the Directors of the Department of MAPS and OVUD.

  Graduates enrolled in EBVS Residency Programmes

Graduates enrolled in Residency Programmes provided for at the European level and sponsored by EBVS (European Board of Veterinary Specialisation) may also benefit from OVUD. Residency Programmes are very demanding programmes to become highly specialised in the various disciplines of veterinary medicine.

At OVUD there are several EBVS diplomates who may provide mentoring to graduates who decide to enrol in the various Specialisation Schools available at the European level.

As of today, teachers holding a diploma at OVUD are the following: