The Equine unit is responsible for performing specialist equine examinations. In particular, examinations are mainly carried out in the following fields: reproductive, medical and surgical clinics.

The Equine unit includes the following:

  • semen collection center 
  • insemination center
  • semen delivery
  • embryo transfer
  • dummy mount training
  • semen collection and freezing, and managent of breeding stallions used for articificial insemination
  • monitoring of pregnancies and assisted farrowing

Neonatology provides the following services: intensive care and surgery. Procedures are carried out at facilities available, such as equipped box stalls, the horse ring and the operating theater.
Equine surgery provides a number of surgical procedures, which can be planned in advance. The Equine unit, with the collaboration of other VTH's units, provides services that aim to investigate various aspects of equine medicine, such as: endoscopy, echo-cardiology, neurology, dermatology.

The unit's staff is composed as follows:

  • Dott. Maria Elena Falomo (Head of Unit)
  • Dr. Irene Schiavon
  • Dr. Rossella Tessari
  • Dr. Veronica Vigolo
  • Dr. Adele Cumerlato

Setting up an appointment
To set up an appointment, please call the hospital's reception desk at +39 049 827 2608.
The receptionist will get you in contact with the veterinarian responsible for the service.

In case of emergency, please call Dr. Maria Elena Falomo at +39 339 340 9979.

All VTH activities are particularly relevant for veterinary teaching. In this regard, it shall be noted that fourth- and fifth-year students of the single cycle degree course in veterinary medicine may be present as teachers and other veterinarians perform clinical activities.