Ophthalmology and odontostomatology

The Ophthalmology and odontostomatology unit is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting both the visual system and the oral cavity of small and large animals. Services are offered to pet owners and self-employed veterinary professionals who seek a second opinion to gather specialist information.

VTH's patients in critical conditions may also access the Ophthalmology and odontostomatology where necessary.
Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine responsible for making a diagnosis and providing therapeutic indications with regard to eye diseases. In particular, diagnostical examinations allow to: carry out an evaluation of the cornea and surrounding tissues (fluorescein, STT, Rose Bengal, etc.); measure the intraocular pressure; carry out an evaluation of the iridocorneal angle; perform direct or indirect ophthalmoscopy; perform ocular ultrasonography.

Odontostomatology is the branch of medicine responsible for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the various diseases of the oral cavity. Odontostomatology services include the treatment of periodontal and dental diseases and the diagnosis of neoplasms of the oral cavity and other oral cavity damages.

The unit's staff is composed as follows:

  • Prof. Ilaria Iacopetti (Head of Unit)
  • Prof. Anna Perazzi
  • Dr. Domenico Multari

Setting up an appointment
An appointment is required to access ophthalmology and odontostomatology services. Please call the hospital's reception desk at +39 049 827 2608. The receptionist will get you in contact with the veterinarian responsible for the service.

Opening hours
Ophthalmology and odontostomatology services are available Monday through Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.