Microbiology and infectious diseases

The Microbiology and infectious diseases unit is responsible for investigating and classifying microorganisms present in biological samples collected from companion and farm animals. The unit's activities allow to diagnose infectious diseases of bacterial or viral origin through the analysis of samples either submitted by pet owners or collected in patients during specialist consultations at the VTH.

Services offered include:

  • Isolation and identification of bacteria using traditional diagnostic techniques, including antibiotic susceptibility testing (Kirby-Bauer e MIC);
  • Detection and identification of pathogens (bacteria and viruses) through PCR and rt-PCR, and pathogen characterization by sequencing;
  • Serological testing to diagnose infectious diseases in companion animals.

The unit's staff is composed as follows:

  • Prof. Daniela Pasotto (Head of Unit)
  • Dr. Maria Luisa Menandro
  • Alessandra Mondin
  • Giorgia Dotto

Submitting samples
Samples can be submitted at the VTH from Monday to Friday, 08.30 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.
Staff at the reception desk will collect your samples for submission to the laboratory. For further information, please call either +39 049 827 2972 or +39 049 827 2616.

All VTH activities are particularly relevant for veterinary teaching. In this regard, it shall be noted that fourth- and fifth-year students of the single cycle degree course in veterinary medicine may be present as teachers and other veterinarians perform clinical activities.